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Supporting The Democratisation of Podcasting
Supporting The Democratisation of Podcasting

Welcome to Podcasting Made Easy

Hello. My name is Steve Hart and apart from working as a journalist I have been hosting and producing podcasts since 2009.

The aim of this site, and my Podcasting Made Easy book, is to show that anyone can make a podcast and that by following a few simple steps you can have your show listed on the top podcasting platforms.

In short, I want to remove all the mystery of recording and distributing podcasts so you can do it for yourself.

In my view there are too many people who put off making podcasts because they think they haven’t got the right gear, feel nervous, or don’t understand the technical side. I assure you that once the techie stuff is ticked off (you only have to do it once), making podcasts will be lots of fun.

After all, all we are talking about is recording the human voice to an MP3 and sharing it. How hard can it be?

One doesn’t need any special intro music, top-end microphones, expensive software, powerful computers, or even a dedicated space to record shows.

I say use what you have and do it anyway.

If the passion and desire is within you to share your thoughts, interests or expertise, then do it. Be yourself, stay true to your vision and start like every other podcaster has – with your first episode.

Got a question about making podcasts? Let me know, join my email list, and do please check out my book Podcasting Made Easy in paperback and Kindle. Paperbacks can be ordered the Book Depository or at any bookshop.

Podcasting Made Easy book by author Steve Hart

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