Supporting The Democratisation of Podcasting

Introduction to the podcast

Hi and welcome to the Podcasting Made Easy podcast with me Steve Hart. It’s been a long time coming and follows on the heels of the second edition of my book; Podcasting Made Easy.

I have been podcasting since 2009; but have previously worked in radio. Before that I was a nightclub DJ – I was touring the clubs in Essex and Kent at a time when music sampling was invented.

I trained to become a newspaper journalist and from the early 1990s I concentrated on my journalistic career.

But by 2008 I was starting to get the radio itch again and I figured the easiest way to scratch it was by starting a podcast – which I did a year later.

Initially I didn’t even consider myself able of hosting a podcast; and it all seemed such a huge hill to climb. But the excitement got the better of me and decided there was everything to gain and nothing to loose.


I was editing a business magazine at the time and so recorded a show about the sharemarket; a round up of news from listed companies; designed some artwork for the podcast, and set about getting my show listed on all the podcatcher sites.

Since 2009 I have launched quite a few podcasts and edited other people’s shows too. By 2017 I had lots of first-hand knowledge to share about making podcasts and so wrote my book – the second edition (revised and updated) – was released in July 2019.

And with that 2nd edition in the shops it was suggested I do a much overdue podcast about podcasting. So here we are.

Your questions

If you have any questions about podcasting or podcast production then please do let me know. There is a contact form at the bottom of this website and an option to send a voice message to (which may be used in one of my podcasts unless you ask me not to).

All the best, and good luck.