Supporting The Democratisation of Podcasting
hyperlocal media

Is hyperlocal media your calling?

If you want to start podcasting, but don’t know what to podcast about – how about reporting on the stories from around your neighbourhood?

Hyperlocal media is growing to fill the gaps left by local newspapers that have either stopped publishing or cut staff to the point whereby local issues and interesting stories are no longer covered.

Now, you don’t need to get stuck in on the big stories that can bring some legal risks. But you can start interviewing local people about their jobs and hobbies etc. Your neighbourhood will be full of people doing interesting things. Tell their stories.

So if you are keen…start a website and feature interesting stuff from your neighbourhood. Who knows where it will lead.

Of course, do not publish anything that may cause you any legal issues. Just keep it fun and light, featuring ordinary people doing interesting things. Don’t criticize anyone.

A source of great information is and its how-to guides for reporters.