Resources for podcasters

Free audio recording

OcenAudio – This is a cross-platform, easy to use, fast and functional audio editor. Available for all major operating systems.

Audacity – There’s no need to stump up cash for apps such as Adobe Audition when Audacity is free. It runs on all platforms and is ideal for recording shows, voice overs, jingles and making commercials. It may not have all the bells and whistles of top paid-for apps, but plenty of podcasters use it.

Garage Band – Free with your Apple computer and built for podcasters.

MP3 Normalizers

MP3 Normalizer – For Mac users…This app will trim the silence off the start and end of MP3s, level the sound, change the bit rate if needed.

MP3 Gain – This free app for the PC analyzes and adjusts the volume of MP3 files – just like MP3 Normalizer.

Meta Tag

Add meta data to a range of file types with MP3Tag (free). Add your name and show name to your files so they are displayed correctly when played by subscribers in their podcast player app.

Recording interviews

How does one put a caller to air? Here are a few budget options…

  1. Connect a mobile phone to the mixer. This involves using the headphone output of the phone to an input on your mixer. The caller hears the presenter via the phone’s microphone, but their response goes through the mixer.
  2. First 3 hours free so try Squadcast
  3. Google Voice.  Get a dedicated phone number for use on a smartphone or via desktop website.
  4. Skype.  Again, you can get a unique phone number or have people contact you via your Skype user account.
  5. If using Skype, use the Ecamm Call Recorder app to automatically record all calls. This call recorder can output the interview as 2 files; one being your side of the conversation and the other being the interviewee.
  6. Skype TX. A pro solution for handling multiple callers.
  7. You can use a standard phone line, but typically the audio quality won’t match the digital options above. You’ll need a gadget to sit between the phone and the line to connect to your mixer. One of the better solutions is AudioTX which converts a standard landline into a higher quality ISDN line or search for a JK Audio Inline Patch on eBay etc (product discontinued).
  8. FeenPhone A fully duplex (and free) option meaning when one person speaks they do not drown out the other. No longer being actively developed but still freely available.

OK – a bundle of ideas to help you put callers to air. Any other ideas are welcome, so do let me know.


Free Music Archive The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads.


Envato – for a wide range of website themes, audio, graphics and image elements, check out Envato.

PTA Volunteer Sign Up Sheets – If you have WordPress installed as your CMS and want to sign up volunteers to help then this plugin is for you. It allows you to easily create and manage volunteer sign up sheets, and you can define four different types of events: Single, Recurring, Multi-Day, or Ongoing.

Need WordPress installed and this plugin configured? I can help.

If you have any free or low-price apps you think should appear here then do let me know using the contact form – cheers.